What are the differences between wild and cultivated ones?

Wild Oud (Agarwood)– The gift of Mother nature

Folk stories say that the trees in the deep forest (in Vietnam often found in mountainous areas scattered along the central region such as Quang Nam, Khanh Hoa, ..) have an ugly shape, strangely absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth for a long time becomes a type of wood that emits a scent.

The formation of Oud (Agarwood) originates from trees that are diseased or damaged by nature or the environment in certain parts. From here, a resin is produced like an antibody that heals wounds, causing wood molecules to change shape, and color and emit fragrance, which is the process of creating Oud (Agarwood) in nature, which we usually called them wild Oud (Agarwood).

Because of the very special factors that need such “times and favorable conditions”, Oud (Agarwood) is naturally extremely valuable and rare, even worth a fortune with its fine, unique shape, rich in oil, heavy and strong scent, quality products. Not to mention in addition to rare values, wild Oud (Agarwood) also has a great spiritual value, it is said that Oud (Agarwood) accumulates the spirit of heaven and earth, so bringing Oud (Agarwood) with you or keeping it in the house will help keep the body healthy, life has a lot of luck, so it can be said that wild Oud (Agarwood) is an invaluable product.

Because of its great value, Oud (Agarwood) is also very easy to be faked by using normal wood to make bracelets, beads, crafts… and impregnated with chemicals that smell like Oud (Agarwood) or impregnated with Oud (Agarwood) essential oil. Fake Oud (Agarwood) will not have a clear wood grain like real Oud (Agarwood), the smell of fake Oud (Agarwood) is very strong at first because it is prepared but over time it will fade and no longer smell anything.

Cultivated Oud (Agarwood)

When the supply is not enough, the demand for Oud (Agarwood) is increasing and the process of finding wild Oud (Agarwood) is full of risks, forcing people to find a solution and that is the cultivated Oud (Agarwood). Cultivated Oud (Agarwood) is not fake Oud (Agarwood), but cultivated Oud (Agarwood) also has to go through many stages like wild Oud (Agarwood) but has human hands acting in the creation of Oud (Agarwood) in the process of the development of Aquilaria crassna tree.

The Aquilaria crassna tree culturing method is used to create cultivated Oud (Agarwood) by the probiotic method. The Aquilaria crassna tree is grown, then measures such as drilling holes for injecting probiotic products, etc., are used to stimulate the production of Oud (Agarwood).